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Liz Cain

Paranormal Romance Author

Welcome to the official website of Liz Cain!

I'm a new Author, trying to live my dream and share the stories in my head. I ended up becoming an author by accident, when a friend asked for help getting her story written. The result of which is our first co-authored book Reborn - hopefully coming later this year

My plan is to build up this site as I publish books and it will included everything currently published, future projects and exclusive material - including bonus scenes and unpublished stories.

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Check out my debut novel in partnership with Anne K. Whelan -  Reborn is the first book in The Royal Pack Trilogy.

Imagine waking up on the edge of the woods with no memory of who you are or how you got there. When Aine finds herself in this situation, she must rely on the kindness of others to get back on her feet. 


​With the help of a handsome Irish stranger she starts a new life, but her memories soon claw their way out and she can't out run her duty.


A story of intrigue, discovery and the corruption of ambition. Aine must figure out her past before everything she didn't know she cared about is destroyed. 

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